Corporate Governance

Today and in the future

Banesco’s international orientation can be tracked down to its inception. From the moment we started operations back in 1986, one of our clearly defined goals was to reach solid presence in large potential markets. We have grown as a result of our day-to- day sustained efforts. Our business model rests on products and services created to meet our customers’ needs. One of our more consistent endeavors has been to structure an organization of the highest professional and personal level, capable of ensuring the very best performance to our current and future customers, in every country where we have a presence.

If asked what is on our mind, we answer: the present and future of our customers. Banesco is a brand and organization that operates at two levels that interact and enhance each other: day-to- day customer service under the highest standards of quality on the one hand, and strategic planning, which is the art of being ready to maintain our quality and competitiveness in times to come, on the other. Banesco is committed to be the best solution accessible to every customer with financial needs; to carry on improving management of each operation; to advance the core values of its corporate culture; to act always under the rule of transparency. This web site is part of our endeavor to offer information about who we are, our history, where we operate, and our products and services to every person in the world with an interest on our organization.

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez


Juan C. Escotet Rodríguez

Venezuelan. Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and Master of Science in Professional Management from University of Miami. Mr. Escotet has served as Chair of several financial institutions in his over 30-year experience in the banking sector.

He also served as second Vice President of the Banking Association of Venezuela (1999-2001); President of the Marketing Committee of the Federation of Latin American Banks (2001); second Vice President of the National Banking Council (2002-2003), member of the board of directors of Visa International for Latin America and the Caribbean (2003-2007), and President of the Banking Association of Venezuela (2010-2012). As President of Banesco Banco Universal, Mr. Scotet signed the UN Global Compact in 2009.

Miguel Marcano

Venezuelan. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and Master of Science in Professional Management from University of Miami.

Mr. Marcano has extensive experience in the financial sector, where he has held high level managerial and executive positions. He received a securities broker license from the Venezuelan National Securities Commission and served as Director of the Venezuelan

Association of Brokerage Firms.

Francisco Botas

Spanish. Bachelor’s degree in Law, bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Sciences, both from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE E-3), and college degree in International Business from Berkeley University.

Mr. Botas served as corporate strategy and finance consultant at MAC Group-Gemini Consulting, and business manager at the International Department of Inditex. Previously, he served as auditor at KPMG Peat Marwick. He joined Banco Etcheverría in 1998 and progressed through several management positions before he was named Managing Director and later, Chief Executive Officer (June 2007-March 2014).