Our Essence

Innovation and a passion for excellence that goes beyond borders

Driven by our pioneering DNA and our passion for pursuing excellence, at Banesco International, every day we strive to become a leading multinational brand in Banking, Insurance, and Payment Solutions. To that end, we rely on our sustained and profitable growth strategy, rooted on developing and delivering the highest added value solutions to our customers, as well as worldwide best risk practices.

We understand that our industries need to undergo transformation to be able to offer products, services, and channels that are increasingly immediate and digital, always under the highest security standards, while taking advantage of the multiple association possibilities in the different regions where we have a presence.

We encourage the professional growth of our staff, a valuable group of experts from different countries, trained and committed to effectively address our customers’ needs.


We are driven by our people

As a corporation in continuous evolution, we promote the ongoing professional and personal development of our employees, by embracing challenges and adapting to the changing environment of today’s world. We aim to develop integral human beings, committed to making a difference at the work place and out in the world.

We take part in the development of thousands of people around the world who believe in innovation. And, as a place of discovery, we offer opportunities in every single area, to encourage our professionals to exceed their own expectations every day.

Our eyes are always on the horizon, and our undertakings are in line with our staff, who receive the necessary support to step up their competitive virtues and boost their future straight towards success.

We want all those individuals fully committed to their work, their homes, and their lives to be a part of this team. And we look after our people, understanding their needs and offering reliability, through a close and sincere relationship.