Corporate Social Responsibility

A Dialogue with Society

As corporate citizens, aware of our role in the societies where we operate, at Banesco International we put special emphasis on the implementation and follow-up of our CSRpolicy.

We start from this premise: our function consists of supporting the cause of training people to be free, productive citizens, aware of their role in the public arena.

We have established a value proposition based on products, services, and programs that promote harmonious Economic, Social, and Environmental development. In this way, we undertake to respect and promote human rights; to contribute to the well-being of the areas where we have a presence; to interact under ethical principles with all our interlocutors, workers, customers, suppliers, authorities, shareholders, and the society in general.

In the internal context, we implement programs related to quality of life, talent development, and career plans for both our collaborators and their family groups.Regarding the external context, we develop non-philanthropic programs aimed at incorporating a greater number of people to the informal economy. Since 2006, we have successfully offered a training program for entrepreneurs from Venezuela and Panama, with more than 32,000 graduates.

As a financial brand, we play an important role in the ongoing promotion of inclusion, access to and use of banking services, and entrepreneurship.

We have successfully developed the Community Bank customer service model, allowing the inclusion of people who had no previous access to financial services, and promoting entrepreneurship in low-income sectors.

Likewise, we support causes and organizations that fulfill a fundamental task in the health and education sectors: our Social Partners.

Beginning in 1998 in Venezuela, where the brand was born, Banesco has implemented its corporate responsibility program, which promotes education, health, and financial inclusion of a growing number of Venezuelans, in collaboration with its social partners, as well as the greater well-being of its workers. Since 2008, Banesco’s CSR reports have got the highest rating from GRI, the international sustainability standards in best reporting practices. Since 2009, Banesco is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

We believe in dialogue and we pay special attention to what the societies where we run operations have to say, adapting to their needs and to the realities of each context.

We act under the premise that corporations can fulfill a leading role in presenting projects, ideas, and thoughts to their societies. Thus, we have created platforms such as Words for Venezuela and Words for Galicia, in order to share thoughts and ideas with international public figures winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and to promote spaces for freedom and dialogue.

We believe in transparency; therefore, we have incorporated accountability to our social investment in the countries where we operate, either through public announcement of our activities or by releasing our corporate Reports of Social Contributions, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.