Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a financial services brand with international presence, active in several countries, with a long-standing and well-known record in the banking, insurance, and means of payment sectors.
Banesco International consists of four financial groups: Venezuela, Latin America, USA, and ABANCA.

Where are we?

We have expanded internationally.

Internationalization has increased our capacity to offer our financial services in new and diverse markets. We are present in:

  • South America: Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina
  • Central America: Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
  • North America: United States and Mexico
  • Europe: Spain, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany

Which are our business lines?


In the banking sector, we offer comprehensive financial services. We know and make every effort to satisfy our customers’ needs, by building relationships based on mutual trust, accessibility, and excellence in service quality.

We are committed to bringing as much profits for our shareholders, and well-being for our community, as possible.


In the insurance sector, our firms are highly regarded thanks to their excellent services. Their goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs, as well as those of the organization and the brokers.
In payment channels, we offer digital pre-paid services that guarantee that our customers enjoy simple and safe access to services. We take advantage of our solid expertise in the welfare benefits market to generate value for our customers, shareholders, employees, and the community.

Corporate social responsibility

In the micro-enterprise sector, we service sectors with no former access to banking services. We dedicate our efforts to know and fulfill their needs, building relationships based on mutual trust, accessibility, and excellence in service quality, honoring our corporate social responsibility.